EPSON Projector Very Need And Clean

EPSON Projector Very Need And Clean
EPSON Projector Very Need And Clean
Therefore, further I will trust him with the opportunity to tell about the latest update of the projection ruler from the point of view of the end user, which he was for several weeks in the role of a teacher.
Next is Pavel’s story (I just allowed myself to place illustrations and links to the products and technologies in question here and there).
My first day at school is, as they say, “right off the bat”: urgent replacement of a sick colleague, short dashes from one classroom to another, ten-minute changes between couples, different levels of training for each group … Yes, I teach English in small groups – therefore, I am allocated small rooms. Although the school is equipped with all sorts of visual devices, including projectors, televisions and electronic boards, all of this is not available in every classroom, and in practice, one cannot count on stable access to all of this.
Students want to watch movies with subtitles, teachers want to show video content from their “favorite collection”. However, having heard that children sometimes watch movies from the teacher’s laptop, I firmly decided not to make such compromises and thought about fixing this matter.
I once sold my office projector to buy a home projector, and now, looking at an empty wall, on which there could be a large image, I was tormented by inexplicable melancholy. As a result, I temporarily borrowed the Epson EB-X41 projector from my good friends, as they say, “for the sake of science.” It was very interesting to test this “AK-47 of the world of projectors” in the field, this time from the point of view of the end user.
What would be my personal requirements for a projector from a teaching position? If we talk about a projector as a personal device, then it should be:
be able to quickly correct vertical and horizontal tilt;
quickly go to full brightness and turn off as soon as possible (preferably – instantly, because there is so little time for jogging between audiences).
In short, for personal use, I would take the cheapest Epson projector. Here I must say that the Epson EB-X41, which will soon be updated to the Epson EB-X51, can be considered the “default” option, and those who have come across this device in real work will understand me. It’s just a “good inexpensive projector.”
Now in the already updated line of Epson projectors, several models have appeared, from which all the “superfluous” have been removed:
optical zoom removed and replaced with digital;
of the connectors, only HDMI, VGA and USB-B are left (for image and sound transmission via a USB cable);
the slider for horizontal trapezoid correction has been removed (corrected with the buttons).